IV Drip Infusion Therapy


IV Infusion Therapy can be a powerful tool in conjunction with other therapies to help the body recover from many health issues. Intravenous (IV) nutrition is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream, thus bypassing the digestive system.

This can be a huge advantage as it brings vital nutrition directly to the organ systems of the body. When substances are given orally, they must be processed through the liver, stomach, and intestines.

Many substances may be rendered inactive in the digestive tract, reduced in potency, or they may not be well absorbed due to poor intestinal function.

By directly administering nutrients to the body via vitamin drip, higher than normal blood levels of particular nutrients can be achieved, which may boost the immune system and supplement deficiencies. These increased levels can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting deficiencies that may arise from a disease state.

All of our nutritional infusions are variations of the original Myers Cocktail. IV Infusions are administered in a private infusion room, lasting from 30 – 90 minutes, depending on chosen treatments. Different additives are used in various concentrations to achieve Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Boosting Effects along with hydration and an energy boost.

Recovery (Myers’ Cocktail)

  • 1 Liter IV Normal Saline
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)
  • Glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C

*Extra Vitaminns and Supplements Available to Add On

Currently Available IV Drip Infusions

  • IV Standard Chelation uses either calcium EDTA or disodium EDTA to improve blood flow by removing heavy metals that damage the arteries.
  • High-dose IV Vitamin C has demonstrated anti-tumor effects in various cancers, an effect not seen with oral Vitamin C. The pro-oxidant effect of high-dose IV vitamin C has also shown anti-inflammatory activity resulting in suppression of tumor proliferation, angiogenesis, and metastasis.2
  • IV Glutathione is supported due to its antioxidant effects. Glutathione deficiency reduces the production of reactive oxygen species and is associated with aging, age-related macular degeneration, lung and GI diseases, preeclampsia, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Myer’s Cocktail is an IV vitamin and mineral combination that contains magnesium, trace minerals, B vitamins, and vitamin C. These agents have been reported to improve patient quality of life, decrease fatigue, depression, migraine, and rhinitis, and have shown to improve symptoms of hyperthyroidism, asthma, and cardiovascular disease.3
  • Immune Boost Push adds glutathione and acetylcysteine to the Myer’s cocktail for antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Immune Boost can restore levels of GSH, which decrease with age.

If oral supplements have not been effective, talk with your doctor about the possibility of IV nutrition therapy.


Arizona Weight Loss & Esthetics, provides solutions that can help you meet your weight loss goals and achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. One of the most popular treatments we offer is the Myers Cocktail. This is an intravenous infusion of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. In our Myers Cocktail you’ll find calcium, vitamin C, B-vitamin complex, and more. Because these nutrients go right into your bloodstream, you can take in far more of vitamins you need than you could via an oral supplement. If you’re thinking about trying a Myers Cocktail infusion, learn more about some of the benefits that it can provide for you.


There are many benefits to getting a Myers Cocktail infusion and many of them can help you in your weight loss and fitness goals.


The vitamin C found in a Myers Cocktail can help you ward off cardiovascular disease. B vitamins can help you stave off obesity, which is another way to keep your heart healthier. A healthier heart means that you’re able to stick to your exercise plan and hit your weight loss goals. Magnesium, also found in the cocktail, can also help with heart health. This mineral is especially important for people who are dieting, who might have a deficiency, and women, who are more likely to have a magnesium deficiency.


A Myers Cocktail can also reduce stress levels and improve your mood. B vitamins can help ensure that the neurotransmitters in your brain are operating at peak performance. These are responsible for your mood, so an infusion of vitamins and nutrients can just make you feel better. This can also aid in your weight loss initiative by boosting your motivation. When you feel better, it’s easier to stick to that gym routine or diet.


The vitamins and nutrients found in a Myers Cocktail can also help people with a variety of chronic conditions. They can also help you avoid certain conditions later on in life. Higher magnesium levels can help fight back against anxiety, obesity, and hypoglycemia. Vitamin C can protect against infections, stroke, cancer, and some types of eye disease.

B vitamins can help with digestion problems or chronic exhaustion issues. The calcium found in a Myers Cocktail can help you avoid chronic conditions like osteoporosis in the future. This is especially important for women, who are more likely to develop the disease. These minerals and nutrients are key to fighting a variety of diseases.


A Myers Cocktail can also give you a boost in energy. Magnesium helps you absorb other nutrients and properly use them. Vitamin C can protect you from infections and disease. B vitamins help you turn food into energy. This extra energy could help you really commit to your weight loss goals in providing you with a more active mentality.


The vitamins and nutrients found in this cocktail can also help improve your memory. Some B vitamins have a documented effect on memory, so if you’ve been feeling foggy lately a Myers Cocktail could help.

We offer several programs and solutions that are customized to meet our clients on an individual level. Visit our Tempe, Arizona location for a professional consultation and take the first steps to achieving a healthier life!

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